GetParts.US does not sell any type of damaged parts.
If the part is damaged in transit, we will take care of the shipment and the claims. If the part is damaged when shipped from the customer, the customer is liable for all the expenses in this context.
In no circumstance the package is refused. This will help us make a claim with the shipping company.


GetParts.US does not sell defective parts to the customers.
If the part is defective for any reason, the customer is liable to ship the part back at their expense. If the part gets defective within the warranty of 30 days, the customer will be charged 25% Restocking fee and the part must be returned for refund or replacement.


If the part ordered from the customer is incorrect, the customer will pay 25% Restocking fee and one way shipping cost and the rest will be either refunded or charged the difference in amount and ship the correct part.

Project work:

As per Customer specification we will ship the part but if it doesn’t fit for technical reason then we still take the part back with 25% Restocking fee and one way shipping cost.